Custom OO Shapes

Revision History

16-Jun-2006Initial publication: Basic Network Shapes, Computer and Network Symbols, Fasteners, Cable Connectors.
05-Jul-2006Added Home Entertainment.
13-Sep-2006Added laptop and wireless access point to Basic Network Shapes.
17-Oct-2006Added tutorial.
14-Dec-2006Added Office Layout.
30-Jul-2007Added server with 48 connection points; added hub with 48 connection points; added dot-matrix printer.
09-Mar-2008Added category for GUI elements and controls. Removed ZIP format for download.
10-Mar-2008Updated tutorial.
19-May-2008Added Gavin Katts' CAD example.
20-Jan-2009Added UML shapes.
23-Mar-2009Added four swimlane shapes (horizontal assymetric, horizontal symmetric, vertical assymetric, vertical symetric).
22-Sep-2009Changed distribution terms to those of the LGPLv3.
24-Jan-2010Corrected vertical spacing in UML Component shape. Moved text box in UML PackageName shape to the upper tab.
10-Feb-2010Added initial version of Theater Lighting shapes.
14-Mar-2010Added Simple Orchestra Layout shapes.
15-Apr-2010Fixed incorrect fill on various axial fixtures in Theater Lighting.
02-May-2010Added pinspot and plano-convex fixtures to Theater Lighting.
09-May-2010Added Source Four© fixtures to Theater Lighting.
11-Jul-2010Added fogger to Theater Lighting.
20-Oct-2010Added 38U, 42U, and 46U racks to Basic Network Shapes.
07-Nov-2010Added large satellite dish and satellite to Basic Network Shapes.
10-Nov-2010Added small satellite dish and scanner to Basic Network Shapes.
18-Jan-2011Added Logic Gates.
2-Oct-2011Freshened tutorial.
31-Jan-2012Added electircal engineering shapes.
6-Mar-2012Added thyristor and photodiode to electircal engineering shapes; improved appearance of Triac; rearranged shapes to active and passive components.
17-Sep-2015Updated all shapes following fix of the enhanced-path T and U commands.
17-Sep-2015Retired the Home Entertainment, Office Layout, Basic Furniture Shapes, and CAD Example.
20-10-2015Added digital flip-flop to logic gates.
21-10-2015Added tablet, smartphone, Ethernet to basic network shapes.
03-12-2015Added Greg McCormack's Electrical Schematic Drawings.
16-02-2016Added shapes for chess board and pieces.
31-08-2016Added scrollbar and list box to GUI elements.
11-09-2016Updated GUI elements with enhancements provided by Jan Dittrich. Updated license to Creative Comments "By."
23-09-2016Jan Dittrich added interaction to frame.

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